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The Plough and the Stars
The Irish Repertory Theater, Off Broadway

“The abject desperation of Ms. O’Malley’s performance is but one of countless great things about this production.” WSJ

Hetty Feather
Delaware Theater Company

"O’Malley brings exuberance, drive and wide-eyed joyous wonderment to Hetty."    
Broadway World

"O'Malley's Hetty is fearless" - Newsworks

"Heroine Hetty – never offstage for the show’s two hours – is winningly played with verve and admirable stamina by Clare O’Malley, who (though clearly a grown-up, accomplished actress of considerable skill and technique) is blessed with a child-like spark and the luminous beauty required of this particular heroine."

- The News Journal

The Dead, 1904 (The Irish Repertory Theatre)

The Dead, 1904
Irish Repertory Theatre

"Lily, the maid, (a suitably scattered Clare O'Malley)..."              

 -New York Times

"...a delightful Clare O'Malley escorts you to into the party." - Talking Broadway

Hansel and Gretel
Quintessence Theater Group

"Clare O'Malley brightens the stage with her wide-eyed innocence, convincing even a cynic ...
The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Gretel (Clare O’Malley) are charming and lovable as the two protagonists, specifically in their duets “Come and Dance With Me” and “Our Troubles Are Over.” 

The Arden Theater

"The cast both enacts and narrates the stories, and they are, one and all, charming, graceful, and sensual, and often funny... Clare O'Malley is his beautiful Eurydice."
The Philadelphia Inquirer

"The myth of Orpheus shines as one of METAMORPHOSES’ most memorable vignettes"

Private Lives
Walnut Street Theater

"O’Malley is cunningly comic, and all keeps your interest while providing an overall great time."
Neal's Paper

 "...a pleasure to watch."
–  The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Life and sort of Death of Eric Argyle
Edinburgh Fringe Festival

"playfully executed...multitalented cast of eight young Irish performers"
–  The Scotsman

"a sheer joy to watch" 
British Theater Guide

Saint Joan
Delaware Theater Company

“Clare O’Malley delivers a sweet, searing Joan who dazzles all with her confidence and determination.” - WHYY

“It’s a monumental part, and the well-cast O’Malley meets all its technical and emotional demands. O’Malley believably portrays Joan’s youth, determination, and faith, and rightly refuses to evoke pathos or ask for sympathy.”- Broad Street Review

Heroin(e) for Breakfast
Smock Alley Theater

"O’Malley played the coquette as a ball of sunshine and spite… making her the perfect personification of the thrall of addiction."  
– Irish Theater Magazine

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike
Philadelphia Theater Company

“Clare O’Malley shines as Nina. O’Malley infuses this ingénue…with all the freshness of a summer breeze”

“O’Malley is lovely as Nina. Just the right touch of ingénue innocence…O’Malley is natural and makes her mark in every situation” 
– Neal's Paper

The Last Summer
The Gate Theater

" A charming and funny Caroline (Clare O'Malley)"   
–  The Irish Independent

Monster Clock
Collapsing Horse Theater Co

"Clare O’Malley as Toby’s mentor... so perfectly embod[ied]... help[s] us believe when women play men, people play monsters, and puppets are people" 
–  Irish Theatre Magazine

"Monster/Clock is a stand-alone triumph...nothing short of astounding"

The Credeaux Canvas
Theatre Horizon

"O'Malley shines... her vulnerability is both heartbreaking and believable". An unforgettable and thought- provoking production”
–  Montgomery News

“a well crafted portrayal by Clare O’Malley”
– The Philadelphia Inquirer


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